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Vector Marketing

Since its inception, Vector Marketing has offered college/university students and graduates exceptional career opportunities in sales and sales management. At the heart of our business is the belief that in order to be successful, we must first help others to succeed.

Vector Marketing for Students

On this site, students can find information on obtaining academic credit while working as a representative for Vector Marketing, the company that sells Cutco Cutlery through direct sales. Qualifying for academic credit can be as easy as meeting your school's requirements and qualifications that include, but are not limited to professional status with the company and GPA requirements. Meeting with your academic advisor or school counselor will be extremely beneficial to this process and in most cases required. Once a student has identified the qualifications for academic credit, they can simply complete an online request on Vector Connect for a letter of recommendation and informational packet about Vector Marketing to be sent to their school contact.

Receiving academic credit for your work with Vector Marketing can be very beneficial to your college career. As a Vector Marketing sales representative, you'll gain valuable experience in sales and marketing. All majors are welcome and have performed well with Vector Marketing, however business and marketing students will find the position to be very beneficial to their career development.

With Vector, you'll learn a multitude of business skills, vital and valuable to a successful business career. With Vector Marketing, students not only learn about industry standard practices, concepts, and theories, but also apply them in a hands on environment. From practicing the sales cycle to building rapport and closing strategies, a representative can learn and experience sales, advertising, business research, competition analysis, promotions, lead generation, and time management.

Vector Marketing for Professors and Professionals

Professors and professionals can benefit from this website as well. In the academia section of the website, professors and professionals can find information on guest lecturing and our Academic Advisory Board. In addition, professors and academic advisors can learn all about the experiences a typical Vector Marketing representative goes through.

Create your own entrepreneurial success story with Vector Marketing.