Campus Relations - Academia

Welcome to Vector Marketing's Campus Relations website. Since its inception in 1949, Cutco has been sold only through direct sales. As the sole distributor of Cutco since 1981, Vector Marketing continues the proud tradition of providing work opportunities for college and university students. With Vector Marketing, students have the chance to do meaningful work that will help them develop the interpersonal and professional skills they'll need to succeed in a variety of careers.

Through our work with faculty and career services professionals, we have found that we share a common interest in preparing students for productive adult lives. On this site you'll find information about how to make decisions regarding a student request for academic credit resulting from their Vector experience. Many of our senior managers have received credit in the past and are available as guest lecturers on a variety of business topics, or you may want to invite us in for questions when you cover one of the several case studies that have been written about our organization.

Vector Marketing Educational Resources

Vector Marketing's Campus Relations office provides liaisons to the academic community. If you would like to discuss any of the opportunities presented here, or simply find out more about us, please feel free to contact any member of our staff.