Campus Relations - Students

Vector Marketing Representatives:

All information and packet requests can now be made on VectorConnect. This link, will take you directly to the VectorConnect login page. Once logged in, simply follow the links to Campus Relations. If you have any questions, call your region office and ask to speak with the Campus Relations Manager.

Vector Marketing gives students the opportunity to become productive professionals, the chance to gain valuable experiences and skills to succeed in their careers. Since 1949, selling Cutco has helped hundreds of thousands of students to learn the basic and vital skills needed to become a top notch business professional.

Did you know that you may be able to receive academic credit from your college or university for your work with Vector Marketing? Each school has its own set of qualifications so it is recommended that all representatives interested in receiving credit for their sales experience contact their academic advisor or another appropriate person on campus.

By earning academic credit through Vector Marketing, students can use the vital skills and experiences of Vector Marketing to accelerate their degree and career.

Choose: I am a current Vector Marketing representative interested in earning academic credit or I am a College / University student interested in a position with Vector Marketing