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Vector Opportunity: Company Background

Since 1949, our company has worked with hundreds of thousands of students around the world. We are a world leader in preparing young people to be productive professionals, giving them the chance to gain the experience and skills they’ll need for career success. In the Vector student program, students work with other students as a part of a professional, fun, and energetic team.

Vector Marketing has enjoyed tremendous growth in both sales and number of offices

Vector Success

This is primarily due to the highly educated and well motivated management staff, the superior quality and marketability of our product lines as well as Vector's outstanding training and support programs.

Today, the company has over 250 locations throughout North America, with global sales of more than $200 million dollars.


A student’s training and experience with Vector provides tangible and meaningful accomplishments that look great on a resume.

These are just some of the skills that can be developed while working with Vector:

  • Strong Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Study Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Team skills

Good Income

Our students work with a pay program that offers two potential ways of earning income - either through our base pay program, or commission, whichever is higher. The base pay, which is well above minimum wage, is paid per appointment, whether the customer chooses to purchase or not. This rate varies by location and is largely dependent on the cost of living of that area. The Vector pay program also offers a bonus and incentive program, which is based on performance and sales. With Vector, you can work with your manager to create a very flexible work schedule that fits around classes, breaks and other commitments.


Vector awards over $40,000 in scholarship money every year to our top performers throughout North America. Prestige, recognition, and financial rewards are just some of the exciting payoffs for those who become a Vector All-American Scholarship winner.

Advancement Opportunities

All of the top executives in our organization started out in the same way, as sales representatives with the company. We believe in creating opportunities for our people to grow and share in the success of our enterprise, so all of our promotions are from within our own company. There are very real advancement opportunities with Vector.

Position Descriptions

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Position Descriptions - Sales Representative

After completing Vector's initial training program, representatives will practice and perfect their technique as they learn to obtain and qualify leads, schedule appointments, build rapport, assess customer needs, and present a product solution that leads to a successful sale. They will develop communication skills, presentation skills, and their own professional style. In the process, they learn to manage their time, overcome challenges, and set and achieve goals.

Advanced Sales Representative

Successful sales representatives are promoted to field sales leaders and join the elite corps of Vector's top sales representatives. This group is involved with the office key staff, which works with the office manager to set and achieve sales goals, motivate the office team, and share experiences with new representatives. There are also opportunities to attend Vector's annual sales conference and participate in specialized training to bring new products to market.

Field Sales Trainer

Field sales trainers work with new Vector representatives. To qualify, students must complete one term as a sales representative (described above) or the equivalent, and have the recommendation of their office manager. Field sales trainers go on appointments with new sales reps, showing them by example how to conduct sales demonstrations. They help new reps develop the skills and confidence necessary to be successful. In the process, the trainers learn to demonstrate key skill areas, troubleshoot weaknesses, offer positive reinforcement, and motivate others.

Assistant Manager(AM)

Assistant managers(AM) must complete one term as a sales representative (described above) or the equivalent and have the recommendation of their office manager. AMs work in the many aspects of a sales operation, such as interviewing job candidates, contributing to sales meetings, devising and delivering workshops, and assisting in the office. All AMs are expected to maintain a personal sales level that sets a good example for the sales team. This opportunity may be pursued over several semesters, and may encompass several positions, progressing from assistant manager trainee to assistant manager to branch manager trainee.

Quotes from representatives who have earned college credit

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Katrina Giminez
Katrina Giminez De Anza College Business Major

"Now that I'm moving into management, I'm impressed that Vector has never asked me to compromise my academics for work. In fact, Vector advocates balance in work and in life. When I applied for credit last semester, my school was impressed with the company's development of college students in the workplace, and approved the maximum number of units possible based on what I was learning."

Treva Oman
Treva Oman Texas Tech University Campus Relations Associate, Vector Marketing 2000-2004

"When I started my summer with Vector, I never imagined it would be such a life changing event or lead to a career position. Not only did I get academic credit, which helped me graduate, but I am now able to help others in their quest for real life experience in the business world. Personally, for me the experience and marketable skills that I gained have opened up so many doors. More importantly those skills gave me a competitive advantage and the confidence to succeed."

Heidi Heigel
Heidi Heigel Central Michigan University Campus Relations Associate, Vector Marketing 2001-2005

"Acquiring credit for my work with Vector, not only helped me academically, but also professionally. I learned the skills needed to pursue a career in business and promotion, while also learning life long skills."

Danielle Maksymenko
Danielle V. Maksymenko Bryant College Marketing Major

"Working with Vector has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I've gotten the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally with the company, as well as increase my self-confidence. What I love about Vector is that my success is determined by my own hard work, motivation and belief that I can do well."

Andy Kirschner
Andy Kirschner Grand Valley State University Political Science Major

"Even as a Political Science major, I recognize the value of the strong credentials that business, management and sales experience can provide. By the time my credit was complete, I knew how to operate my own business. This, along with support and guidance I've received from Vector's management team, will help assure my success in the future."

Chris Tango
Chris Tango University of Central Florida Finance Degree

"Through my Vector experience I have acquired many skills that I will use in my future career. In addition to building time management and interpersonal communications skills I have enjoyed a flexible schedule that works around my other commitments. Having succeeded as a sales rep(and receive credit), the doors are now open for me to pursue a career management position."

John Wasserman
John Wasserman Loch Haven University ’93 Vector Division Manager Pennsylvania Division

"The 14 credits I received from my work with Vector Marketing Corporation, enabled me first of all to graduate on time, instead of in 4.5 years like many students do these days. The experience itself and the actual work I did taught me how to apply what I was learning in class to the real business world. I think that’s where the value of the Vector experience really came into play. Without working with Vector, I would have graduated like many of my friends, and that is without much direction at all. It certainly directly contributed to my decision to enter into management with Vector. I was already trained for a career position before I graduated from college, I had a great experience with the company, and of course that also led to the several promotions I’ve received with the company since then. "

Leandro Rumel
Leandro Rumel Mount Royal College Business and Entrepreneurial Studies

"The Vector Experience has given me the real life business skills that you cannot find in a classroom. With this solid work experience combined with my degree, I feel confident that I will have the skills to succeed in my future endeavors."

Application Procedures

By using Vector’s web-based application process, you can identify the office nearest you, and submit an on-line application directly to that office. By clicking on the following link, you will be sent to From there, you should choose "Apply with Us Now" and follow the instructions.

Thank you again for considering Vector.