FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When considering any work opportunity, it's natural to want details. What makes a good candidate? What kind of training is provided? What does the actual work entail? We've tried to anticipate some of your questions and provide answers that tell you more about Vector Marketing and what we have to offer.

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What kind of business of Vector Marketing Corporation?

Vector Marketing is an international direct sales company that markets Cutco Cutlery, a line of high quality kitchen products, sporting knives, gardening tools and accessories. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cutco Corporation which has manufactured Cutco in Olean, NY since 1949. Handcrafted of the finest U.S. materials, Cutco products have a "Forever Guarantee" that protects the consumer's investment for a lifetime. As the sole distributor of Cutco, Vector Marketing has sales operations throughout the United States and Canada.

Vector Marketing Corporation belongs to the Direct Selling Association, the professional umbrella organization for companies engaged in direct selling in the United States. All DSA members adhere to a strict code of ethics and promote a high standard of integrity in our industry. Vector Marketing is also a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (US), the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers, and is a corporate sponsor of Pi Sigma Epsilon, the national professional fraternity in marketing, sales management and selling as well as DECA, the high school marketing club and collegiate sponsor of the American Marketing Association.

What are the characteristics of successful sales representatives?

Motivation, initiative, determination, and a willingness to learn are qualities that lead to success in any profession. Vector's most successful sales representatives combine these qualities with respect for others and a passion to reach their goals. These individuals stick with the program, attend workshops and sales meetings, and stay in touch with their managers. Most importantly, they aren't deterred by the setbacks that are inevitable when one begins something new.

What kind of work is available with Vector?

With more than 250 sales offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, Vector has an ongoing need for sales representatives and management candidates. Most representatives choose to work in their hometowns or college towns, and Vector does not ask representatives to relocate. In addition, there are no territories and reps are free to sell wherever they prefer. Since the company abides by a strict "promote from within" policy, the potential for career advancement within the sales ranks, and into training and management, is excellent.

How is Cutco sold?

Since 1949 Cutco has been sold directly to the consumer, through pre-scheduled in-home appointments. Vector's sales representatives have sold more than $197 million in Cutco products to both new and long-time customers. In fact, our customers, 16 million of them, are so loyal and pleased with Cutco's value that nearly all Cutco business is done through customer recommendations.

How are representatives paid?

Vector offers a unique pay structure that combines a base pay program along with an incentive commission program. The base pay program pays the sales rep for a qualified presentation, regardless of whether a sale is made. If a sale is made and the commission would be higher than the base, the representative will be paid the difference by the corporation. Both the base pay program and the commission structure are described in detail during the interview and again during training. In addition, every new sales representative signs and receives copies of agreements that outline the pay programs in writing. For copies of these agreements, contact your local Vector office, or Vector's Campus Relations office (800) 865-1575.

Can I earn academic credit for my experience as a Vector Marketing sales representative?

Vector is proud of the many students who earn credit for what they learn while working with us in sales, training, and management positions. In fact, a number of our current managers received credit as students themselves. Vector does not sponsor a formal program, and students should keep in mind that school policies on this type of credit vary. Interested students can call Vector's Academic Programs office at (800) 865-1575 for more details.

How can I contact Vector Marketing for more information?

For more details about opportunities with Vector Marketing, please contact Academic Programs at (800) 865-1575.