Supervision at Vector Marketing

Adequate supervision is important element of the student's' work with Vector Marketing, and can present special concerns for students who are taking on the challenges of a sales position. It can be tempting to conclude that those working in sales, or similarly independent positions, "report to no one." In reality, that is far from the truth. The academic integrity of the opportunity can be assured if the student is accountable to someone for his/her actions, and has someone to give them guidance in their work.

That is certainly the case with Vector Marketing. Vector repreentatives have daily interactions with the local office and at least once-weekly performance consultations with an office manager. In addition, our rep has a variety of options for documenting his/her work commitment and performance. These include:

  • Completion of an evaluation by a specified # of clients who report on their satisfaction with the presentation/service/product.
  • Performance evaluations from office managers and other company leadership with whom the intern interacts.
  • Reports on average order size, closing ratios, referral business, office sales, and contest achievements.

If you have any questions about the supervision guidelines please contact Vector’s Director of Academic Programs at 267-880-1753.