Advisory Board

Victoria Crittenden
Victoria Crittenden, D.B.A. Professor and Chair Marketing Division Babson College Dr. Crittenden is a marketing professor at Babson College. Her research interests focus on Cross-Functional Strategies, Marketing Strategy, Direct Selling, Ethics and Corruption, Marketing Education, and Nonprofit Organizations. Board member since 2000
Linda Ferrell
Linda Ferrell, Ph.D. Chair of the Marketing Department at Auburn University Dr. Ferrell specializes in marketing ethics and social issues. Dr. Ferrell is the author of numerous books and articles on this topic and recently published "A Decision Making Framework for Business Ethics Education." Board member since 2009
Joseph Hair
Joe F. Hair Ph.D. Professor of Marketing Director, DBA Program University of South Alabama Dr. Hair is a professor of marketing for the DBA program in the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University. His research interests include entrepreneurship, effective selling and marketing research. Board member since 1988
Derek Hassay
Derek Hassay Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of Calgary Dr. Hassay is a RBC Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. His research interests include relationship marketing (B2B and B2C), marketing channels and entrepreneurship. Board member since 2001
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson Ph.D. Director of the ICē Institute The University of Texas at Austin Dr. Peterson holds the John T. Stuart III Centennial Chairin Business Administration at the University of Texas at Austin. His areas of expertise include consumer behavior, marketing communication, marketing models, and marketing strategy. Board member since 1988
Mike Williams
Michael Williams, Ph.D. Associate Dean Professor of Marketing Oklahoma City University Dr. Williams is a professor of marketing in the Meinders School of Business at Oklahoma City University. His research interests are in the areas of customer-orientation, salesperson performance, and organizational culture. Board member since 2001