Vector Marketing Guest Lecturing

Below is an outline of a 50-minute guest lecture that can be provided by a Vector Marketing Division Manager. The specific content of the guest lecture can be tailored to meet the objectives of a variety of business classes.

1) Introduction (3-5 minutes)

  • a) Personal Information
  • b) Objectives of Lecture
  • c) Introduction of other Vector Marketing guests (with professor's agreement)

2) The Direct Sales Industry (5-7 minutes)

  • a) Direct sales as a distribution channel
  • b) Definitions
  • c) Benefits to the consumer & company

3) CUTCO Demonstration (15-20 minutes)

4) CUTCO Sales Process (12-15 minutes)

  • a) Seven steps to a sale
    • Elaborate on building rapport
  • b) Pricing strategy and customer incentives
    • Comparable in price to high quality cutlery available in retail stores, but with features and benefits which are superior.
  • c) Why CUTCO is sold direct?
  • d) Marketing methods
    • Referral program
    • Service calls
    • Catalog
  • e) Effectiveness of Vector’s marketing approach
    • Volume and market share
      “We are the largest manufacturer and marketer of kitchen cutlery in the entire United States“
    • Academic community recognition (refer quickly to three of four college textbooks)
    • Relationship with college and universities (College Bowl, All-American Competition, quest lectures, Cutco in the Classroom)

5) Vector Marketing / CUTCO Cutlery (6-8 minutes)

  • a) Vector sales and management force
  • b) Compensation and advancement opportunities

6) Student Questions (5 minutes)

  • a) Questionnaire