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This information is designed for students who are already working in a Vector office, and are interested in pursuing academic credit for what they learn while working with the company. Students who have not applied for a Vector position, may click here to apply.

Please remember, these are common requirements but may not apply to every situation. Contact you school for specifics.

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Do I Qualify for Academic Credit

Qualifications vary from one school to another, so you will need to check with your school for their specific qualifications.

Here are some typical qualifications that most schools require:

  • You must apply prior to the school/work term. Credit is not granted retroactively.
  • Sophomore status
  • 30 sem. or 45 qtr. hours completed in residence at school (new transfers won’t qualify)
  • 2.5 GPA (requirement may be higher at some schools)
  • Room for elective credit in your program

How Do I Apply for Academic Credit?

Here are the steps you must take:

  • Make sure that you meet all of your schools qualifications and that you are eligible for credit first.
  • You must apply prior to the school/work term. Credit is not granted retroactively.
  • Contact your academic advisor, or department of your major to find out who handles approving internship, co-op, or independent study credit.
  • Get the contact person’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Complete the on-line request at Vector Connect to have a letter of recommendation and packet of information about Vector sent to your school contact.

Follow Up

The purpose of following up is to explain to your advisor/professor the learning outcomes you will gain from your Vector experience.

Approximately one week after you submit your request, make an appointment with your contact to discuss earning credit.

  1. Here is a typical approach to use when you meet with them:

    The reason I wanted to meet with you today, is to talk about what I am learning with Vector. Have you had a chance to look over the information I had sent to you?

    (Pause and listen) "Well, as the letter mentions, there are students who receive credit for what they learn with the company, either through independent study credit or as a Co~op or internship. I wanted to find out how I can qualify for this type of a program.

    (Professor asks about work) "Well, first I went through the company training. They focus on building communication skills, developing professional public speaking skills, learning about time management and basic business techniques. The advanced training goes into consumer psychology, needs assessment, theories of negotiation, as well as marketing and promotion. My actual work involves lead generation, product presentation, answering objections, closing sales, completing orders, and providing ongoing customer service. I’m also responsible for managing my own finances and tracking my expenses.

    AMs add: As an assistant manager in the office, I’m handling advertising, screening and interviewing recruits, and many/all aspects of training and development. I also help devise sales promotion strategies and contests, and I handle many administrative duties in the office." This experience relates to concepts of marketing strategies, personnel management, and staff development and motivation. I’m also getting a good grounding in group dynamics and team building.

    Answer any questions and ask directly if you qualify for credit and if so, how much. (Sales reps typically earn 1-3 credits, AMrsquo;s 3-6 credits or more per term).

    "So given what I’ve described, how many credits might I qualify for?"

  2. If approved, be sure to get specific instructions about how to register for the credit, then follow those instructions immediately and keep copies of everything.

If you have not registered and paid for your credit, you will not receive it! This type of credit is rarely granted retroactively, so be sure to complete every step of this process. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the Campus Relations office, at (800) 865-1575.

Common Questions

  1. How should I describe what I’m learning in my position? Click here for a detailed description of learning outcomes in various Vector positions.

  2. Can I earn credit for work I did last summer (spring..., winter...)? No. Most academic institutions will not grant credit retroactively. It is the student’s responsibility to make application for credit within school deadlines.

  3. How many credits can I earn? The number of credits awarded will depend on the position you hold, your previous experience, your academic program, and your school policies.

  4. Does my school give credit for Vector experience? The only way to find out if you qualify is to apply. No schools give "blanket" approval of a work experience for credit. The decision is made on a case by case basis.

  5. Who should I send the letter of recommendation to? You’ll need to identify the person in a position to evaluate your work experience and determine if and how many credits you may receive. Begin with your academic advisor, a faculty member you are close with or the chair or dean in your major department.

  6. What’s my deadline? Check with your school, but always apply in advance of the semester in which you plan to earn credit.

  7. What position should I apply for? Apply for the position you will hold during the work period in which you plan to earn credit. If you are currently a sales rep, and want to earn credit next Spring for your promotion to assistant manager, apply for credit as an assistant manager.

  8. Can I apply for multiple semesters or different positions? Yes, provided you can demonstrate new learning outcomes in each position and semester.

  9. Will my credit transfer? It may transfer as elective credit, or it may be denied. If you are planning to transfer (for example from a community college to a four-year institution) it is wise to check with the school you plan to complete your education to see if the credits will be accepted and how they will be applied.